Friday, 30 September 2011

Koh Phi Phi: Accommodations Review

Phi Phi. Turquoise water, sandy beach and hell of a good nightlife. But after a night fueled with Sang Som, you want a good place to rest your head on. Here are my picks.

Partying up with travelers and Jojo at Tara Inn
Room with fan - 500 baht (2 pax) 400baht (1pax) - negotiable if you are nice
Dorms - 200baht

If you are in PhiPhi to party, this is a good place to stay. First of all the owners are lovely. JoJo and Moon will always be there to help you out during your stay. The rooms are basic and clean, and if you have a problem it will be fixed up within a second. The location is ideal, right up at the start of the street leading to the main party beach. There is a shop right by it and a pharmacy to buy your bottle of water and your paracetamol for your hungover. In need of vitamin C? There is a fresh juice stall right by the reception.


Hello everyone,

The blogging is back on. Ish.

There is bits and bobs that still need fixing, but I hope you like it.
I chose to stay on blogger because I just don't have time to get on the full wordpress thing.
"But I've got a very busy life too, and I find the time!" Good for you! I don't!
So I decided to keep it nice and easy. Just a topic bar to get to articles easily, a travel picture link on the right and oh yeah, new blog posts.

Moving on! It's a new school year and it's been quite crazy so far. I moved to Hong Kong, started my MA and got into a million and half projects!

In 60 days on the clock, I'll be going onto my next adventure, becoming a dive master in Koh Phi Phi.
So stay tuned!

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Hey everyone.

I made it to Hong Kong and I had the best ever time in Thailand! I'm redoing the blog completely, so for the next few weeks its gonna be a bloody mess, but I'll be back veryyyy soon!!