South East Asia

Backpacker heaven? Probably. It's got everything a young aspiring traveler could ever dream of. Novelty, jungle, adventures, night life, wild life and some bloody strong alcohol. I spent a few months trekking, busing, swimming, diving, climbing, partying, tuktuking around these places. Here are my South East Asia chronicles.

February 2012: How not to lose someone in Bangkok
October 2011: What it is like to work in VangVieng
June 2011: Memories from Bangkok
May 2011: Lao Lao, I feel fire burning
April 2011: When paradise turns into hell...Part 2
March 2011: When paradise turns into hell...Part 1
                      Did you know about Durian fruit?
                      Dear Diary, I'm in Lop Buri...