Thursday, 31 March 2011

Did you know...about Durian fruit?

Haaa the Durian fruit. “It’s smells like absolute c**p” is what you will hear the most about it. True story. However for who dares to go past the smell, it’s actually a really tasty fruit. It’s just a little bit confusing for the senses. But did you know:
-Durian fruits are banned from public places in Malaysia just like the Singapore Massive Transit. Can’t travel with that one I’m afraid. Should not try either.
-In Singapore if you get a ticket for road infraction, well I hope you have no durian fruit in the car, because if so you’ll be charge double. Bummer really.
-If you mix the fruit with your bucket then expect some strong stomach spasm and flatulences. Way to be remembered in your dorm. And don’t mix it with ANY carbonated drinks as it can lead to bowel movement and even DEATH (not kidding you don’t want to make the headlines for that)
-The Durian fruits comes with a nice little tale: The tale talks about an old, ugly king who although powerful, was unable to win the love of his young bride who constantly refused him. He consulted a hermit, who asked for three peculiar ingredients, which when mixed together lead to the growth of the Durian tree. As soon as the bride ate it, she was charmed by the king. However, the king forgot to invite the hermit for the later celebrations, which conduced the hermit to curse the fruit borne by the tree. He replaced the aromatic fragrance by rotten odor and replaced the smooth surface by thorny humps. (
-It’s low calorie, and full of proteins and Vitamin C! No worries about diet then.
So be adventurous, or simply pinch your nose. Try it. Really it’s only just as bad as eating a fruit in a boys locker room after a intense football match in the sun.

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