Friday, 30 September 2011

Koh Phi Phi: Accommodations Review

Phi Phi. Turquoise water, sandy beach and hell of a good nightlife. But after a night fueled with Sang Som, you want a good place to rest your head on. Here are my picks.

Partying up with travelers and Jojo at Tara Inn
Room with fan - 500 baht (2 pax) 400baht (1pax) - negotiable if you are nice
Dorms - 200baht

If you are in PhiPhi to party, this is a good place to stay. First of all the owners are lovely. JoJo and Moon will always be there to help you out during your stay. The rooms are basic and clean, and if you have a problem it will be fixed up within a second. The location is ideal, right up at the start of the street leading to the main party beach. There is a shop right by it and a pharmacy to buy your bottle of water and your paracetamol for your hungover. In need of vitamin C? There is a fresh juice stall right by the reception.

I really enjoyed all my stays there. The only down side? The noise! Between the "boom boom pow" coming from the beach, and the drunken idiot screaming outside your door, it's hard to get some sleep. Unless that drunken idiot is you.

The beach by SeaSandView Resort
Bungalow with fan 500baht

The picture perfect little bay right in front or the bungalows is ideal for people seeking the cast away feeling. It's a little bit out of the way and has the advantage or being nice and quiet.
The bungalows comes with a  balcony with chair and table. Again, clean and basic inside.
My favorite thing is that you can just wake up and jump in the sea in less that two minutes.
Bad point? The heat! These bungalows are HOT. So unless you want to splash on aircon, I hope you got used to the humid thai heat.

Colorful marine house
Room (2pax) with aircon - 900baht
A cute colorful tree style house next to the local food market. The marine house has a really chilled vibe, situated in a little street where the noise from the beach is not an issue. Remove your shoes before entering is required. The family that owns it is nice although speak barely any english.
 The room are cozy, dark and refreshing in the sticky heat and the bathroom nicely decorated. There is even massive storage possibilities. And plus, their laundry service is quick and your clothes actually get washed. Ideal to relax in the fresh (artificial) air after long weeks of traveling.

So here are my favorite places to crash in PhiPhi if you are passing by. Stay tuned for an update on how to get cheap accommodation if you are staying for more than a month!


  1. Good resource. I'm always looking for accommodation reviews for places I'll be visiting soon :-)

  2. Thank you! Glad you liked it. If you are going to PhiPhi you are going to have such a good time! Come by soon for more tips about phi phi and its diving too! Oh if you could "like" my Facebook page that would make my day!

  3. Hi Anne Laure. Great blog.
    Me and my wife will be traveling to spend the new year in Koh Phi phi. Do you have any idea how do i get a reservation in the those 3 places?

  4. Hello there!

    For Tara Inn-

    For Sea Sand View -

    For Marine House-

    Bare in mind that the prices I gave are the ones I had myself, it might be more expensive through booking in advance!
    Have a lovely time in PhiPhi, and come and say hello at Barakuda dive shop once you are there!

  5. nice review .. thanks..
    am going there end of January with tight budget.
    so i guess u got those rates as a walk-in guest?

  6. hi there!
    Yes I did get the rates as a walk-in guest. I'm in PhiPhi right now and the rates are still accurate. I'll still be there end of Jan so drop me a comment and I'll tell you if there is anything cheaper then.

  7. wow.. you are still in Phi Phi.. that's cool!!
    I'll be in phiphi on 23&24 Jan and would really need your info about it or maybe party place etc..
    well... hope your gmail still active :)


  8. Hi, I came across your blog because I'm searching for places to stay in for the holidays.
    Do you have any contact number of Tara Inn? And, do they accept credit card as payment?
    Thank you!