Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Koh PhiPhi: The Best of.

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There is more to PhiPhi than just Pad Thai, buckets and drunken idiots. After weeks and weeks spent in PhiPhi I got to try quite a lot of places on the islands. Here are my top eateries, bars and activities!

Best Bakery:
 "PhiPhi Bakery", ok so it doesn't sound very original but it is as good as its lack of originality. And I'm french I know a whole lot about a good croissant. Before setting off for your day indulge in  awesome coconut bread or may be a vanilla donut.
They also have full english breakfast however it doesn't mesure up to their pastries.
Right opposite the shop is another bakery that looks a lot fancier, however I prefer the more "shabby" looking one, just because it taste better. Also it is dirt cheap, rare thing in Phiphi.
Where to find it: From the pier, take a right, pass the dive shop "Barakuda" and you should see it.

Best coffee: 
I'm a coffee addict, not day can start without a jug of coffee. Although, sometimes while traveling I felt more like I was drinking coffee colored river water than actual coffee. But this place is awesome! The man who does it really loves its coffee too, and roast his beans itself and carefully prepare your cup with the respect which should be due to the golden beverage.
Where to find it: Given that you just picked up your pastries at the bakery continue straight ahead, pass the seafood restaurant, and the restaurant called "Carlito's", it will be a few meters from there, just in front of a shoe shop.

Best noodle soup: 
PhiPhi for me is diving, 2, 4 or 5 times a day. At the end of the day, I need some comfort food. And noodles soup is just perfect. On the way to the "party beach" LoDalum Bay, opposite Charlie's bungalows, you'll find a tiny shop that sells 3 types of soup, fish balls, beef or chicken (of course you can ask only with veggies). It costs 50 TBH and it's amazing! The broth is tasty and spicy, it's a mouthful of flavors. The meat is so tender, the chicken falls off the bone. Add a little bit of mint for a fresh and cleansing taste.

Coming back from "work"
Best Italian food:
I'm not too keen on western food in asia, but Mamamita's pasta hit just the spot. Hidden away from the main streets it's a warm and chilled place. The portion are generous, creamy and cheesy. Nice after a long day at sea.

Best Pancake Lady:
At the top right corner of the little road leading to the beach, you'll find the best thai pancakes. Unless a lot of places, it is not crisp with grease but nice warm and soft. A perfect quick snack before heading for some sunbathing.

Best Fire show:
Whatever anyone tells you, Carlito's Fire Fantasia fire crew is the best on the island. Nothing to do with the messy fire pois on the loud beach bars, here you are on the more chilled part of the island and probably for the best. They have a full choreographed and timed show, with their own music and style. I was blown away! Your Chang will be a little bit more pricy but totally worth it! Their cocktails are very decent as well ( try their coconut one).
 My friend Alek is an amazing fire dancer, you can learn with him every night for 300BHT, just go up to the bar and ask for him.

Best music:
If you are tired of Rihanna asking for her name, Bruno Mars telling us he is lazy or "uhuhuhuuhuhuhuhuh, Barbara Streisand" turning Duck Sauce into soup, Banana Bar is your place! With more Justice than Minaj, it's like fresh air for your ears. Chill in one of the little bamboo booths with their cocktail buckets. It's also the only rooftop bar in PhiPhi. Really want to feel like on the top of it all? Climb the ladder behind the bar and get to the secret chill area. Highest drinking point on the island!

Yet another day at the "office"
Best boat trip:
Thinking of going around the islands? Ask "The Captain", he is normally hanging around Barakuda Dive Shop. Unless many of the long tails owners, his english is good enough, and is he a quite of a character, I must say! His price are reasonable and there is always way to strike a deal!

Best dive shop:
Well... I can't be totally objective here, but let say that you should come and say hello to me at Barakuda Dive Shop. I'll be doing my dive master there all december and january! And if you quote this blog or ask for Ally, I'll buy you a beer!

For my best accommodations, see my other article!

See you in PhiPhi!


  1. great tips!.. I was just planning my trip to Thailand.. was thinking of Krabi, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi or Koh Lipe.. haven't made up my mind yet.. Just got my PADI license few months ago and I'm eager to go diving now :)

  2. Hey Dan!
    Yes come dive in PhiPhi! And as I said, I'll buy a beer to the ones who come diving with me!