Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Koh PhiPhi: The Best of.

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There is more to PhiPhi than just Pad Thai, buckets and drunken idiots. After weeks and weeks spent in PhiPhi I got to try quite a lot of places on the islands. Here are my top eateries, bars and activities!

Best Bakery:
 "PhiPhi Bakery", ok so it doesn't sound very original but it is as good as its lack of originality. And I'm french I know a whole lot about a good croissant. Before setting off for your day indulge in  awesome coconut bread or may be a vanilla donut.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Travel Playlist November

Yes it is that time again...The Travel Playlist! For you on the road to get some new ideas to feed for your iPod (or mp3 player of your choice should I say.) and for anyone to turn up the volume and have a little disco wherever you are!

VIDEO/SINGLE of the Month:
The Getaway Plan - The Reckoning.
I was very happy to hear that the band was reforming, and the promising new single is surely a sign of yet another quality album from the melbourne band. Loving lead singer Matt's vocals on the chorus.!

Having a bad day? Don't say "I hate everyone" (by say anything) you have probably some pals to bitch to about your day.

Thats for "Certain" (by set your goals)

And really if you "Love your friends, die laughing" (by man overboard)  So thats ok.

Then you'll realise, that these days are indeed the "Glory Days" (by sharks)

And there you go. You are "Back in the game" (by jamie t)

So pull some "Moves like Jagger" (maroon5)  and everything will be sweet.

That's it folks!