Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Best Tuk-Tuk driver in Siem Reap

Meet Cobra. No worries, this one won't bite you. But he will take you to all the best places in Siem Reap and has an endless knowledge of the city.

We met Cobra at the Garden Village guesthouse in Siem Reap. He took our friends to Angkor Wat. And f rom that blossomed a friendship. We asked him to take us to a tattoo place. "A good one".

Yes, we did the classic thing of getting a tattoo while backpacking. No it's no my name in thai/khmer/laos.

No, its not a buddhist prayer or a salamander.

Anyway. So there we are, driving in the back streets of Siem Reap, bumping along the road and getting splashed in the floods. We get to a small house. There we meet our tattoo artist, one of cobra's friend.
The tattoo studio is in his house and the man's kid is just running around. We look at the shabby studio, thinking "oh my god, this is not the idea of "a good place" to get a tattoo". In the corner, the kitchen, with dirty dishes piled up aBut we were very wong, someone did dare go to that tattoo place. A certain Angelina Jolie. This guys was her tattoo artist when she was on the Lara Croft set.
If its good for Angie, must be good for me hey?  An

Right so I know that it was about a tuk tuk driver. My point is, he was the one driving us there.
On top of that, Cobra was just awesome to party with and teaching us a bit of khmer and a bit of the city's history. So don't lose your time arguing with your driver for 250real, without really knowing where you are going, and listen to my travel tip!

Travel buddy getting tattooed.
Wherever you need to go in Siem Reap, whatever you want to do, contact Cobra.

On a different note, I would also recommend the Garden Village Guesthouse. The room are reallllyyy basic, but the staff is lovely and they got an awesome roof top bar with 50c pints of beer. It's a 2 min walk to Pub street, but far away enough to get a quiet night sleep. So good we stayed there 10days.

To Contact Cobra:
+855 12217328

Garden Village Guest house:

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