STOP Shark Finning

This is no travel tip. This is a serious issue.

Every year more than 75,000,000 sharks are killed for pretty much nothing.

What is shark finning?

It's removing the fins of the shark, while they are still alive, then too often, putting the shark back into the water, leaving it to die.

It's a barbarian practice that needs to end. Beyond the fact that it is pure cruelty to animals, we are facing are way bigger issue. The total extinction of the sharks in our waters. That means getting rid of the key species in the natural food chain in our oceans.

No species is safe as they are killed no matter their size or kind.

The unstainability of the practice does not allow the shark to reproduce fast enough considering the huge amount fished every year.

Why shark finning? Why they are not using the rest of the shark?
Because in certain culture, Shark is a delicacy. Because the fins are terribly expensive, it's a way to show your wealth. 
The rest of the shark does not generate enough profits so it's useless to the business.

But are not sharks, like super dangerous, and like kill humans, and like I saw Jaws?

Yes, sharks are dangerous, I won't advise anyone to cover themselves in fish blood and wait in shark infested water. But crossing the road is also dangerous, you do it everyday. 
It's hard to feel close to these animals as they are not cute and cuddly. However the more you learn about it, the more you discover they are amazing creatures.

Yes, they have killed humans. But they are not after the flesh of humans, and most of species don't even attack humans. After all we are entering their territories. Where is our fun, there is their hunting place.

Newspapers create mass panic, hyping up the rise of shark attacks. There is only more shark attacks because there is more people are interacting with the water, therefore more chances of interactions with a shark. Not because sharks are after our blood and flesh!

So there is no laws or what?

Each country have their own laws to address the matter and sadly enough it is NOT enough. Although most of the times fishermen are supposed to bring back the shark bodies with the fins, the number don't add up.

So watch the video posted above. And stay clear or shark fin soup on your travel, do not encourage this practice. See here is the travel tip.

If you want more information, here is some useful links. And why not check if there is any association near you? There is many ways to help the oceans, and since shark finning is not the only issue, there is plenty to do! So get active, and give us a hand would you?