Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dear Diary,

As I was travelling for the past few years, I was always trying to carry a little black book with me to write when, you know as a “journalist” and “writer” in the making, I get “inspired” etc….Well, really just so I can have some memories before everything blacks out after one too many bucket. Sadly I lost one of my notebooks in Australia in January, which breaks my heart as I have things very personal written since my first trip to Hong Kong. However I have a few entries from Thailand from another book. I will randomly type out a few.

Lop Buri- 7th September

I used to think that I liked monkeys, monkeys are cute and fluffy. Well…I don’t anymore. After a scenic journey on the train through the verdant thaï coutryside we arrived in LopBuri, “a charming pit stop” on the way to Sukhothaï according to Lonely Planet .
Yeah, Riiiighht. With the stuffy heat making our spirits just as hot as the temperature with each other, we thought that seeing a few monkeys, whom made the city famous, would be a nice change and make the pressure drop. If I was fidgety at the sole idea to see one these cute little furry things…I got served. Not one, not ten, but hundreds of monkeys up to no good populate the city.
It’s too much for me, at the third monkey attack. I give up and beg my friends to retreat into a monkey free area of the city. I do still kind of like monkeys, but may be only a stuffed one. Real ones are terrifying. Word.
Now what is do in Lop Buri appart from the monkeys. Not much. Our train leaves the city a 11.55pm for Phitsanulok. We walked through the street until we found a lovely little reggae bar called “Come on bar”. Good music, nice staff and cool posters everywhere in there. After a few Changs, time to head to the station. Tonight is particularely hot and the air is so thick that I can barely breath. As we sit on the old leather seats on the train, I can already feel the sweat dripping along my back. Hopefully the wonder of the ancient kingdom of Sukhothaï will be worth it.

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