Friday, 3 June 2011

Where to drink in Paris: Stolly's

“No way am I staying at the hostel tonight. It’s been 3 nights in a row I need a change man!” That’s a something that I hear regularly in my hostel. We throw awesome parties at St christopher’s Inn and our midnight Jagertrain is always a hit but sometimes our dear backpackers like a change. So then they come up to the bar: ”Scuse me, do you know a good place to to have a drink?” Well yes I do. It’s my headquarters, the Stolly’s. Situated in the heart of the Marais, this bar is a little hidden jewel.
There you will find awesome rock music, cheap pints and hot barmen. Mind you, it’s tiny. Your student halls were probably bigger; however they also have a terrace outside.
The crowd? Hipsters, Americans, English, French, tourists, locals. Basically a nice mix.
And what do you drink there? Strong alcohol, my dears! Try their no soda Caiphirina or one of their Tabasco shots. Want to start slowly? Grab a cider.
Can I eat there? No , they don’t do food. However you can order some Californian rolls for 5euros from the sushi place opposite.
Overall awesome little bar, like there is not many left in Paris.
Tip: Befriend the barman and you could be staying for one hell of a lock in. Tested and approved.
See you there.

16 rue Cloche Perce
 75004 Paris
Metro: Hotel de Ville

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